AIR Forum 97 Electronic Papers

This page contains copies of the papers submitted for the AIR 97 Forum. Papers are organized by AIR Track. All papers included on the disk provided to individuals who attended the Orlando Forum are dated 7 May 1997. Papers that were received after the disk was created are marked with the date the paper was placed on the web. The Track titled 'Extras' contains Track 8 papers and two Plenary Sessions (Keller and Kells). We have provided a readme file with information on the document types.

This page contains information which was last updated: 30 July 1997 .


Track 1: Enrollment Managment and Student Affairs
Track 2: Institutional Effectiveness, Student Learning, and Outcomes Assessment
Track 3: Academic Program and Faculty Issues
Track 4: Resource Management and Quality Improvement
Track 5: Policy Analysis, Planning, and Governance
Track 6: Theory, Practice, and Ethics of Institutional Research
Track 7: Technology and Tools for Institutional Research
Extra: Best Papers and Plenary Sessions
Track 10: Round Tables



TRACK1/12-111 (DOC/6) [2 June 1997]
Sadler, Cohen, & Kockesen, "Factors Affecting Retention Behavior: A Model to Predict At-Risk Students."
TRACK1/12-149 (HTML) [30 July 1997]
McLaughlin, Brozovsky, & McLaughlin, "Strategies in Retention Research."
TRACK1/16-117 (TXT) [7 May 1997]
Cheng & Bryant, "The Effects of Financial Aid on First-Time College Attendance Decisions."
TRACK1/18-118 (DOC/6) [2 June 1997]
Lanni, "Modeling Student Outcomes: A Longitudinal Study."
TRACK1/17-151 (TXT, PPT/5) [7 May 1997]
Burrelli, "Trends and Influences on Graduate Science and Engineering Enrollment: 1975-1995."
TRACK1/18-138 (WPD) [14 May 1997]
Voorhees & Zhou, "Demographic Profiles: Segmenting Student Intent at the Community College."
TRACK1/18-155 (WPD/6) [2 June 1997]
Auerbach & Hand, "Student Satisfaction Surveys: Does Question Order Really Matter?"
TRACK1/22-107 (WD2) [7 May 1997]
Walleri, Stoker, & Stoering, "Building a Community of Learning: A Comprehensive Approach to Assisting At-risk Students."
TRACK1/25-144 (WPD/6) [7 May 1997]
Manion, Goldberg, & Zanzig, "Quantifying Spirituality: Developing an Instrument for Assessment of Spiritual Growth."
TRACK1/26-105 (DOC/7) [7 May 1997]
Morley, Contrasting First-Year Experiences of Academically Average Students of Varying Racial/Ethnic Backgrounds."
TRACK1/33-119 (DOC/6) [7 May 1997]
Tsui, Murdock, & Mayer, "Trend Analysis and Enrollment Management."
TRACK1/36-103 (WP5) [7 May 1997]
Walters, "Is This the College For Me? The Campus Visit as Seen by the Student and Parent."


TRACK2/13-275 (WD2) [7 May 1997]
Bolt & Roberts, "What are Performance Indicators and Can They Be Used to Manage Colleges? A Comparative Study of Similar Colleges in the US and the UK."
TRACK2/16-215 (WPD/6, XLS) [7 May 1997]
Pitter, Lanham, & McGalliard, "Licensure Examination Results as Outcomes Indicators: Issues and Challenges."
TRACK2/22-203 (WP5) [2 June 1997]
Johnson, "Developing a Research Tryptic-Assessment, Outcomes Measurement and Attrition."
TRACK2/22-282 (DOC/6) [7 May 1997]
Furlong, "Between Anecdote and Science: Using E-Mail to Learn About Student Experiences."
TRACK2/22D-247 (DOC/6) [7 May 1997]
Johnson, "The Flashlight Project: Developing tools for Local Evaluation of Educational Uses of Technology."
TRACK2/23-212 (DOC/6) [2 June 1997]
Ricks, Bach, & Stoering, "Student Transfer Flow and Outcomes Between Community Colleges and a University Within an Urban Environment."
TRACK2/23-273 (DOC/6) [7 May 1997]
Belcher & Michener, "Dimensions of Retention: Findings from Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches."
TRACK2/32-218 (WP5) [2 June 1997]
Hickman & Quinley, "A Synthesis of Selected Local, State, and National Studies in Workforce Education and Training."
TRACK2/36-269 (DOC/6, XLS) [7 May 1997]
Widlak, "Graduates Who Never Planned to Graduate: A Community College Impact on Student Aspirations."
TRACK2/38-266 (RTF) [7 May 1997]
Ratcliff, Arkin, & Dove, "A Method for Assessing Undergraduate General Education."


TRACK3/15-308 (PPT/5) [7 May 1997]
Starrfield, "Field Testing Curricula"
TRACK3/18-322 (DOC/6, TXT, WP5) [7 May 1997]
Jonas & Weimer, "Do Part-Time Faculty Fully Understand the Values of an Institution? If Not, What Can Be Done About It?"
TRACK3/23-303 (DOC/6) [2 June 1997]
Delaney, "An Interprofessional Evaluation Case Study: Utilizing Multiple Measures to Assess What Matters."
TRACK3/27-307 (DOC/?, RTF) [7 May 1997]
Bruwer, "The Graduate Employment Paradigm: Outcomes Assessment. Perspectives From a Third World Country."
TRACK3/36-301 (DOC/6, XLS) [7 May 1997]
Hagedorn & Fogel, "Wage Equity Among Medical School Faculty: An Analysis By Gender."


TRACK4/12D-422 (WP5) [14 May 1997]
Cappon & Bekink, "Performance Indicators in Management Practice: A Demonstratrion of a Performance Scoreboard in a Teaching Hospital."
TRACK4/15-407 (DOC/7, TXT) [2 June 1997]
Snowdon & Bowman, "Quiet Please: Indicators at Work."
TRACK4/16-413 (RTF) [2 June 1997]
Moloney & Grotevant, "Collegiate and Departmental Indicators: The Measures That Matter!"
TRACK4/17-423 (DOC/6) [7 May 1997]
Lima, "A Case Study of Selective Funding of Research in the United Kingdom Through Assessment of Some University Indicators (1990/91 to 1992/93)."
TRACK4/26-412 (DOC/6) [14 May 1997]
Parchert, "So, You Need to Develop an Academic Department Profile: A Conceptual Framework for Development."
TRACK4/26-416 (DOC/6) [3 June 1997]
Blanchard & Malmberg, "In the Corporate Eye: A Case Study of Institutional Advancement Joining with Business AdministrationTo Measure Corporate Perceptions of Program Value."
TRACK4/32-414 (DOC/7, XLS) [7 May 1997]
Zeglen & Marmaduke, "Performance Assessment as a Vehicle for Promoting Institutional Change: A Case Study."
TRACK4/33-417 (DOC/7) [3 June 1997]
Patrick & Stanley, "Teaching and Research Quality Indicators and the Shaping of Higher Education."


TRACK5/13-503 (DOC/6) [7 May 1997]
Smart & Cameron, "Maintaining Effectiveness Amid Downsizing and Decline in Institutions of Higher Education."
TRACK5/13-516(WPD/6, WK4) [7 May 1997]
Eimers & Mullen, "Understanding Transfer Student Success: Implications for Policy at a Multi-Campus University."
TRACK5/26-532 (DOC/6, XLS) [3 June 1997]
Zhao & Dean, "Selecting Peer Institutions: A Hybrid Approach."
TRACK5/28-508 (DOC/6, PPT/5, PRS) [7 May 1997]
Sugarman & Kelly, "An Analysis of Student Time and Credits to Degree."
TRACK5/32-506 (WPD/6, WP5, XLS) [7 May 1997]
Haska, Snyder, & Heffernan, "Doctoral Program Quality Among Public Universities: Considerations and Implications."
TRACK5/32D-522(DOC/6, PPT, XLS, CLW) [7 May 1997]
Neukomm, "Feed Back Processes to Support Management Decisions in the University Environment."
TRACK5/37-518 (RTF, GIF) [7 May 1997]
Brodnick & Kraft, "Chaos and Complexity Theory: Implications for Research and Planning in Higher Education."


TRACK6/33-606 (WPD) [14 May 1997]
Moore & Knight, "Sorting Through the Performance Indicators: A Model For Institutional Research."
TRACK6/36-604 (WPD/6) [3 June 1997]
Patrick & Fletcher, "Using Video to Maximize the Impact of Qualitative Institutional Research."


TRACK7/13-723 (WPD/6,PM5) [3 June 1997]
Guerin, "Tracking Student Stop-Out, Transfer and Graduation: An Event History Analysis of Competing Risks."
TRACK7/25-720 (HTML,PDF) [3 July 1997]
Daly & Phagan, "Using the World Wide Web for Student Surveys."
TRACK7/26-705 (WP5) [7 May 1997]
Conklin, "Telephone Survey Research: An Overview."
TRACK7/26-716 (DOC/7) [2 June 1997]
Desjardins, "Using Event History Methods to Model the Different Modes of Student Departure from College."
TRACK7/33-722 (WP5) [3 June 1997]
Antons, Fultz, & Dilla, "Assessing Student Attitudes: Computer Versus Pencil-and-Paper Administration."

Best Papers and Plenary Sessions

EXTRA/11-801 (HTML) [19 November 1997]
Forgione, "A Vision of Information-Based Decision-Making." [Plenary Address]
EXTRA/17-850 (WP5) [7 May 1997]
Clarke, "What Should Drive Educational Equity and Student Diversity in Australian Higher Education? Social Responsibility Versus Reporting Obligation." [Australasain AIR Best Paper]
EXTRA/18-852 (DOC/7) [2 June 1997]
Desjardins & Pontiff, "Tracking University of Minnesota-Twin Cities 'Dropouts'." [1996-97 Best Presentation: Association for Institutional Research of the Upper Midwest]
EXTRA/27-858 (DOC/6) [7 May 1997]
Olsen, "Grade Inflation: Reality or Myth? Student Preparation Level vs. Grades at Brigham Young University 1975-1994." [1996-97 Best Presentation: Rocky Mountain Association for Institutional Research]
EXTRA/28-859 (DOC/6, XLS) [7 May 1997]
Xiao, "Using Discrete-Time Survival Analysis to Examine Time to Master of Science Degree Attainment." [1996-97 Best Presentation: Illinois Association for Institutional Research]
EXTRA/31-802 (DOC/6) [2 June 1997]
Plenary Session: H. R. Kells, "The Concept of Performance Indicators: An International Perspective."
EXTRA/32D-815 (DOC/6,DOC/7) [10 June 1997]
Voorhees, et al., "AIR Publications: Resources, Obstacles and Opportunities."
EXTRA/36-880 (WPD/6, WP5, WB1, TXT) [7 May 1997]
Tamada & Inman, "Survival Analysis of Faculty Retention Data: How Long Do They Stay?" [1996-97 Best Presentation: California Association for Institutional Research]
EXTRA/37-862 (DOC/6) [3 June 1997]
Quinley & Barber, "National Workforce Development Study." [1996-97 Best Presentation: Southeastern Association for Community College Research]
EXTRA/79-800 (DOC/7) [2 June 1997]
Opening Plenary Address: George Keller, "The Future Isn't What It Used To Be."

Round Tables

TRACK10/10-997-6 (WPD/6) [3 June 1997]
Windham, "High School and Community College Dual Enrollment: Issues of Rigor and Transferability."

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